Project Logistics

Projects can vary in so many ways. From environments that you are not used to or to arduous dangerous places. HSSE-GLOBAL’s Logistical department. Can help. As we specialise in Health & Safety. You can feel safe in the knowledge that whatever & wherever your project supplies need to go. They will get there safely & on time.

Contract Logistics

Let HSSE-GLOBAL take over your contractual logistics. Outsource your supply chain needs to us. With having global knowledge in various environments. We use our contacts to source your needs that suits you best.

Supply Chain Management

HSSE-GLOBAL’s supply chain management offers a complete spectrum of logistics and supply chain management solutions across numerous industries. We use and are qualified in CT-PAT 1-5 so you can be sure that whatever & wherever you need. It will get to you safely & Securely and have the knowledge that we have carried out full due diligence for your outsourcing needs & requirements.

Service Support

Our Service Support department covers numerous aspects that can help your company, project or contract.

Whatever your needs. Rest assure that HSSE-GLOBAL can provide you with a fully professional, transparent, confidential turnkey product.

We can offer and supply many different aspects of Service & Support such as –

  • Manpower (Including specialist subjects such as UXO, Radiation, Communications)
  • Camps (Ranging from 25 – 1000 personnel capability)
  • Catering
  • Transfers (to & from Airports, hotels, ports etc)
  • Power generation (varying sizes from camps to towns)

Through our network of contacts and having such a professional relationship with them. We can almost provide any Logistical & Support Services.

Simply click on the CONTACT US button below and email us with your requirements.

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